Kinderergotherapie Spelende Wijzer helps children develop behavioural, self-reliance and school skills. After taking over the company, it was time for the new owner to modernise the logo, corporate identity and website. But with the concrete requirement that their recognisability should not deteriorate.

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Spelende Wijzer Kid


Spelende Wijzer

Logo APK

For the logo of Spelende Wijzer, we carried out a so-called ‘Logo APK’. This involves focusing mainly on the logo’s use of colour, font and composition. Based on these points, the new logo is optimised so that it can keep up with the times and not fall behind. At Spelende Wijzer, we brought down the amount of different colours until 3 primary colours remained. Namely blue, red and yellow. This combined with a playful font makes a good whole.

Spelende Wijzer Kinderergotherapie

Fresh and playful look

By using fresh and cheerful colors, they now appeal to the parent and the child. Spelende Wijzer’s target group is mainly young children, but it is the parents who are ultimately addressed. Adding the circle to the logo immediately created an element that can be extended in various ways in a playful house style.

spelende wijzer


With the new website, the main focus is on user-friendliness (easy to navigate) and tranquility. A number of things are deliberately repeated several times so that parents can easily find their way around the website, while playful elements were used so children can enjoy looking at it.


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